A Letter for Better – RSO Involvement Reflection


When I was cleaning out my old room, I found my bucket list from 2016. Laughing over some of things that I had written (i.e. meeting Taylor Swift??), I noticed something interesting: one of the things on my bucket list was, “Send a letter to a random address and see if they write back.” Why was this interesting? Well, because I had joined an RSO this year that did just that.

A Letter For Better is an organization that writes handwritten letters to people from all areas of life. We’ve written to a nursing home in Rosebush, the students at Stonemason

Screen Shot 2018-04-26 at 2.02.45 AM
(Source: @CMU_ALFB)

Douglas High School, students who may be visiting the on-campus counseling center, and so much more… This week, A Letter For Better wrote small, encouraging notes to pass out during finals week! It’s an extremely rewarding organization that allows you to reach out to people in an authentic way.

Though it’s not for a particular major or minor, A Letter For Better is something that has greatly benefited campus and will continue to do so. There’s something about it that makes people realize they’re not alone; that they’re not invisible. There’s at least one person out there, even if it’s a pen-pal stranger that you’ve never met, who cares and wants you to know that. The world needs more of these small acts of outreach and kindness, because it can be easy to get lost in the sea of loneliness and competition with others that one can forget who and how important they are. We’ve all felt invisible or hopeless or lonely at one point or another in our lives… So imagine being handed a Post-It or a handwritten letter that tells you just the thing you needed to hear.

So how can we do more of this in today’s world? It doesn’t have to simply be limited to

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(Source: @CMU_ALFB)

letters and notes. Some simple random acts of kindness that you can perform include paying for the person behind you in the drive-thru, leave money on a vending machine for someone, donate your hair, and so many more. There are endless ways to spread peace, love, and positivity in this world. We all need to take a moment or two out of our week to be selfless and care for each other; we’re all just some humans trying our best and whether we acknowledge each others hard work, encourage each other, or be there for one another, we will alleviate some of the stress and pain and heartache in this world and that can make all the difference.

Looking back on my 2016 bucket list, I can finally check off that one thing, even if it was a little late. It’s worth being able to continue to write to a random stranger and more,

Screen Shot 2018-04-26 at 2.03.44 AM
(Source: @CMU_ALFB)

when I can do it throughout my semesters. Lord knows this world needs more selfless kindness.

(For more ideas on how to spread random kindness, click here: https://www.naturalbeachliving.com/acts-of-kindness/)

Screen Shot 2018-04-26 at 2.03.05 AM
Some ideas for what to write in our letters and sticky notes! (Source: @CMU_ALFB)


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